Rolling Thunder® Inc. - Chapter 1 New Mexico
Since we post all our pictures on Flickr, it makes more sense to put a link to them here instead of re-posting all the pictures. 
 Flickr link:
This link will take you to our photo album on FlikrThere you will find sets of pictures from all our events. The Flickr is usually updated immediately after an event and is always the most current of all our web information.

We share our pictures with all.

How to download pictures from Flickr.

1) Go to this link

2) Find the thumb nail for the set you want and click on it. They are in chronological order.

3) At this time you can copy the link if you want to share the whole link. Or click on the thumb nail picture and it will expand.

4) Next to the picture just to the right click on the   "  ...  ".

5) Select "Download" .

6) Now choose what size you want to download. select it.

7) Tell then were you want to save it.

ALL Done Good Luck


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